Google Arcade Program| Diwali Special Program|Play & Win Swags


Hello friends! If you have a strong desire to get Google swags but miss every time then we have something for you as Google Arcade Program is launched in which you have to participate in the different events to win swags so stay with us to know more about this amazing opportunity till the end of the post.

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About Google

Google LLC is a multinational technology company based in California that specializes in search engine technology, internet advertising, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and consumer electronics. The name Google is derived from the mathematical term googol, which was first used in 1920. According to known evidence, in 1920, American mathematician Edward Kasner asked his nephew Milton Sirotta to assist him in naming a number with 100 zeros.

List of Games in the Google Arcade Program

1. Rangoli and Google Sheets

  • Rangoli and Google Sheets: Housekeeping Lab
  • Use Charts in Google Sheets Lab
  • Validate Data in Google Sheets Lab
  • Finding Data in Google Sheets Lab

Access Code- 1q-diwali22-workspace

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2. Lanterns and Looker

  • Lanterns and Looker: Housekeeping Lab
  • Looker Developer – Qwik Start Lab
  • Creating Measures and Dimensions Using LookML Lab
  • Creating Derived Tables Using LookML Lab
  • Filtering Explores with LookML Lab

Access Code- 1q-diwali22-data

3. Flowers and Flutter

  • Flowers and Flutter: Housekeeping Lab
  • Flutter Qwik Start Lab
  • Build a Two Screen Flutter Application Lab
  • Working with Onscreen Data in a Flutter Application Lab
  • Implementing Page Navigation in a Flutter Application

Access Code-1q-diwali22-appdev

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4. Firecrackers and Firebase

  • Firecrackers and Firebase: Housekeeping Lab
  • Build a Serverless Web App with Firebase Lab
  • Deploy a Hugo Website with Cloud Build and Firebase Pipeline Lab
  • Ingesting FHIR Data with the Healthcare API Lab
  • Importing Data to a Firestore Database Lab
  • Google Cloud – Import Data into a Cloud Spanner Database Lab

Access Code-1q-diwali22-website

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who is keen to improve his skills and wants to earn google swags & goodies can eligible for this program

How to get Swags?

  • Activate your arcade account
  • Join this game and earn points for each game
  • Complete labs to learn skills and badges
  • Redeem your points at the prize counter in December


  • Enhance your skills from labs designed by google experts
  • Opportunity to get Google Swags & Goodies by participating in this program

Google Arcade Program

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