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Hey Students! we have something amazing for you. Play to win in The Arcade, the latest way to learn new skills and earn prizes with Google Cloud Skills Boost. Every week, play the latest game and watch your badge collection grow. You’ll get hands-on experience with tech like Looker, BigQuery, Kubernetes, Vertex AI, and more. And the best part? Each badge gets you a point (or more!) for the prize counter, opening in December. The more you learn, the more you earn! Here you can win free swags from Google when you complete the challenge.

To know more about the challenge stick around with the post so that you won’t miss any updates.


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About Arcade from Google Cloud

On this Arcade Program, The more Google Cloud badges you earn, the more points you accumulate. Redeem points for prizes at the prize counter. The prize counter will be open at specific times throughout the year.

Learn skills, earn badges! Each badge gets you one point (sometimes more). Periodically, the prize counter will open and you’ll be able to use points to claim swag.

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September Month Two Challenges is Live

1. GO! A startup and growth mindset challenge

Welcome to GO! A startup and growth mindset challenge. We’re kicking off a 2-round startup-focused challenge, during which we’ll dive deep into startup-friendly tech to turn challenges into opportunities. Whether you’re bootstrapping a startup or your personal career, come exercise your growth mindset muscles!

Here’s what you get:

  1. No-cost access to valuable learning resources including labs, Q&A, and curated content
  2. No-cost access to multiple challenge labs to test your skills and help you work your way towards a Google Cloud credential
  3. A growth mindset badge, to show that you have stretched your growth mindset muscles beyond the standard boilerplate lab

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Join the game! 
  2. Use this code to join: 1q-startups-22
  3. Choose your team. (Thanks to @yvssairam@jmigowski, and @theyashsisodiya for the team names!) (You cannot change teams, so choose carefully!)
  4. Start a lab and play the game! You’ll notice some of the game items are unavailable. We’ll activate each one over the coming weeks. 
  5. Come back to the Google Cloud Community and find your (fake) startup’s thread. Introduce yourself and meet your teammates! (Completely optional and just for fun)

2. Qwiklabs Trivia September 2022

When you complete this activity, you can earn the badge displayed above! View all the badges you have earned by visiting your profile page. Boost your cloud career by showing the world the skills you have developed!

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone from any background can apply for this challenge, especially in this Internet era.

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Free Swags

Yes, you get Free Swags from Google. Swags include a water bottle, Jug, Diary, Hoodie from Google Cloud.

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How to Apply for Arcade Challenge from Google?

Official Program Link CLICK HERE

To Activate Arcade for your account CLICK HERE.

For Joining September month Startup Challenge CLICK HERE.
For Joining September Month Trivia Challenge CLICK HERE


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