Top 5 Web series About Social Media College Students & Teenagers Must Watch


If you also want to know about social media, how social media is controlling a person, and want to know about the dark side of social media, then you must watch 5 web series, so let’s start and see which web series is

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1. The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma talks about how social media is taking over consumer behavior patterns and how engineers and marketers are continuing to change the way people consume content and buy products online. This documentary looks at famous tech insiders who have been associated with companies like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and others and how they talk about how these platforms and their strategies are changing the world, and not in one good way to realize how important privacy is. is and that we don’t have it anymore.

2. The Great Hack

The Great Hack is a chilling documentary that reveals how Facebook and YouTube ads are being used to brainwash entire nations into changing election results. The documentary shows how Cambridge Analytica uses data from popular social platforms like Facebook to change how people think and what they believe. It’s scary because even if you watch it, you realize that your data is being collected every second and you can’t stop it unless you completely leave all the social networks you’re on.

3. Black Mirror

What happens when you get so immersed in social media that you lose sight of the world around you? What happens when your social media status is more important than how the world perceives you? Black Mirror explores all of this and more through a fictional story set in a dystopian world where characters are trapped in a life where their gadgets and technology change – sometimes even ruin – their life. Black Mirror can be described as a satire depicting the world we live in or a real bomb for all those who are heavily dependent on technology and social media. But whatever you call it, you still need to prepare yourself to digest the interesting stories that are told on this show.

4. FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

If you know the Fyre Festival, you probably also know how big a disaster it is. The hype of the festival grew when a promotional video starring top models and influencers went viral and talked about Pablo Escobar’s island, which was set to host a lavish music festival. Tickets sold out in 48 hours, but the real problem that no one knew about was a scam that left people without food, water or a lavish festival on the island. Watch the documentary to see how a brand’s “social image” can be very different from its actual operation and how people adapt to these images without knowing the facts, a testament to the truth that social media has created a world where your social image is more important than life. you actually do.

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5. Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

Do you know what memes and cat communities are? Yeah, don’t mess with them. Don’t fuck with Cats: Chasing the Internet Killer is proof of that.
This true crime docuseries explores how a group of amateur sleuths stumble upon a video online that leads them to a virtual global chase. It’s unsettling and exhausting at the same time when you realize that the Internet of Things isn’t that great and you can’t predict what will happen when you discover the dark side of the virtual world.

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