Top 5 Best Podcasts Listen to Every College Students


College is an exciting new chapter in life; This is your first step towards adulthood and you control every aspect of your life from food to money to juggling your studies and social life. Sounds like a lot of work? The truth is, growing up is tough.

The good news is you are never alone! There are millions of other students who are living this new but confusing time in their lives.


Here are Five podcasts to help you manage your time a little better. Advice from those who have been there and managed to listen while sipping their morning coffee, taking a walk, and running errands.

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5. Career Growth Podcast

The Career Growth Podcast is a must-read if you are a student and about to enter the job market. Hosted by Capital Placement Staff Partnership Associate Lucy Morris, CEO Vinay Vimalan, and Digital Marketing Associate Julia Hurtado, this podcast gives all students a glimpse into what it’s like to graduate and enter the workforce.

The show talks about rarely discussed topics when it comes to career growth, such as what to do when you don’t have the right career experience, how to build relationships with leaders to open doors to new and exciting opportunities, and of course how. dealing with imposter anxiety or syndrome in your workplace.

If you’re new to your job or looking for an internship, you should tune in to this podcast for advice and even inside information from a trio who have been there and done it.

4. College Info Geeks

Good grades and degrees are great, but that’s not all college is about. College Info Geeks has over 300 podcasts to help you do better in college. Moderators Martin Böhme and Thomas Frank started the podcast when they were students and now provide detailed advice on everything; Life, career, productivity, and study tips that will help you thrive in life after you leave the walls of the college.

Unfiltered, unsigned podcasts will help you discover how to get better grades, make more friends, pay off student loans, build a personal brand, get promoted, get healthier, and even travel the world; It’s about winning life in all its aspects.

The best thing about College Info Geeks is that the hosts, Martin and Thomas, can identify student difficulties, so they ensure that the tips, advice, and hacks are very practical and easy to implement.

Not to mention the podcast is fun and doesn’t take too long to get boring. Check out how to overcome procrastination and manage your time better, study more effectively, take better notes, stay motivated, and in general everything you need to succeed in college and have a great life afterward.

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3. Ted Talks Daily

Ted Talks Daily, hosted by journalist Elise Hu, is a platform that promotes new thoughts and ideas on every topic imaginable – from business, literature, science, politics, innovation, invention, and philosophy, to inspirational speeches.

Contributed by creators and thought leaders around the world, ideas inspire you to think differently, form opinions, and stay curious about the world we live in. Ted Talks Daily lets you discuss important matters with your professors and friends, which makes lectures much more interesting.

This podcast is for those who enjoy learning something new every day and changing the way they see the world. After all, college is about studying, not studying, and learning again, besides the classroom, this podcast is one of the best places to start to become the student you’ve always wanted to be.

2. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

If your goal is to become an entrepreneur, this podcast is perfect for you. Hosted by Stanford University, each episode features industry leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, and Guy Kawasaki discussing how to build a business from scratch.

The podcast is great fun; All of the speakers were open and honest, sharing their experiences and laughing at the mistakes they made along their entrepreneurial journey. The podcast is packed with sarcasm, wit, inspiration, motivation, and everything you need to know about starting your own business.

Hear the personal stories of leaders and learn from their mistakes. If entrepreneurship is your thing, don’t miss all the insights the podcast has to offer.

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1. All Things Money

One of the biggest challenges adults have is managing their finances – suddenly you’re expected to know how much you owe in taxes, mortgages, student loans, and credit card payments. Money can go wrong and before you know it you could be in big trouble.

All Things Money is a podcast focused on money and how you should deal with it. Hosted by Ola, the podcast is a lifesaver for any college student struggling with concepts like universal credit, credit scores, investing, and living on a budget.

Watch All Things Money every Monday for some lighthearted, lighthearted conversation about the very serious financial literacy that all adults should have, but surprisingly, isn’t talked about enough in high school or college.

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