IIT Madras Announced Free Training Program for BSc, BCA Graduates (June 9, 2024)


IIT Madras Launches Free Training Program for BSc, BCA Graduates (June 9, 2024)

In an exciting development for BSc and BCA graduates, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) has announced a free three-month training program. This program, launched in collaboration with the IITM Pravartak Technologies Foundation, aims to equip students with industry-ready technical skills for IT support roles.


The program is completely free to attend and runs from July to September 2024. Classes will be conducted on-site at IIT Madras. While there are no scholarships offered, the program provides valuable placement assistance to help graduates land jobs after completion. This assistance includes mock interviews and employer outreach campaigns highlighting the graduates’ qualifications.

IIT Madras Launches Free Training Program for BSc, BCA Graduates (June 9, 2024)

Who is eligible to apply?

The program is open to students who have recently graduated (in 2023 or 2024) with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Biotechnology. Applicants must have a minimum aggregate score of 60% in their undergraduate studies. Students with a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree can also apply.

What will the IIT Madras Free Training program cover?

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for the realities of IT support. Here’s a closer look at the key topics:

  • Networking Essentials: Students will learn the fundamentals of computer networks, including different network types, devices, and protocols used for communication.
  • Cloud Fundamentals: This module will introduce students to cloud computing concepts, including storage solutions, services offered by cloud providers, and cloud security best practices.
  • Ticketing Tools: Students will gain hands-on experience with the ticketing systems used to track and resolve IT support issues efficiently.
  • Linux and Windows Basics: The program covers the basics of both Linux and Windows operating systems, which are widely used in IT environments.
  • Storage and Backup Fundamentals: This module focuses on different data storage solutions and backup strategies to ensure data security within organizations.
  • Soft Skills Development: Recognizing the importance of soft skills in today’s workplace, the program incorporates workshops designed to develop communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

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Why is this program beneficial?

This program bridges the gap between what students learn in their undergraduate degrees and the specific skills required for IT support jobs. By equipping graduates with industry-relevant skills, the program helps them jumpstart successful careers in the IT field.

A certificate from this program holds significant weight with potential employers due to IIT Madras’s reputation as a premier engineering institute in India. Additionally, the program’s emphasis on soft skills development further enhances graduates’ employability.

How to apply

This free IT training program is a commendable initiative by IIT Madras to support recent graduates in entering the IT workforce. By providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge, the program empowers them to secure promising careers in the tech industry.

To Apply for this IIT Madras Free Training Fill this Google Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdC4Ct4kBB0Udjcq2713NrplHBwhORF8j2NIiLZ60JLPaKDdA/viewform


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