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2020 B2B Content Strategy & Framework Development


  • Preferably with some marketing background
  • Those who have interest or some knowledge of digital marketing/ social media marketing or content marketing


The difference between a great and unsuccessful content marketing program is ‘strategy’. Great content or social media programs are backed by a strong strategy. This program touches upon the need for content marketing and goes deeper into the content strategy and framework aspects.  We know that without a powerful strategy and framework our social media and content marketing efforts will always be less optimized and will eventually fail. Understand the core of content strategy, learn from use cases and best practices of global companies and real-life examples, and download & use powerful ready-made templates.  Risk-Free 30 Days Money Back.  Free Downloadable Templates Included.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to understand and practice content marketing strategy and grow in his/her profession.
  • Sales professionals with marketing and strategy bent of mind
  • Marketing professionals who want to strengthen their overall marketing strategy
  • Digital Marketing professionals
  • Business owners who sell high value or B2B solutions & products
  • Content marketing professionals

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