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Abstract impressionistic drawing using the Paintology app


  • Basics of drawing
  • Have Paintology app installed on your Android phone or tablet
  • Keen on drawing in general


Drawing and painting is a creative process where you are applying your thoughts onto paper or canvas. Whatever mediums you choose to draw and paint in, the drawing process is personal to you.

In the easy to use Paintology app, I show you how to extend your creative process through an impressionistic drawing. You will learn how to look at composition, contrast and decide on particular directions to take in a drawing.

The Paintology app allows you to create drawings with ease due to it’s simple but powerful interface. It takes a few minutes to get drawing with the app once you have it downloaded and installed on your phone or tablet.

Look for more free classes in Udemy on using Paintology to make stunning drawings.

Who this course is for:

  • Students wanting to extend their creative process in drawing
  • Develop digital drawing techniques
  • Passionate about drawing in general
  • Want to improve overall drawing techniques and skills

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