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Acrylic Art Painting Techniques BASICS


Some basic knowledge of acrylics – Brush, paint, canvas


Basics Tutorials – Beginners, newbie artists or creators or who have dabbled and want more in-depth understand of how to make acrylics perform. on. command!

We cover:

  • Brushes and tools
  • Acrylic mediums – what does what
  • How to thin your acrylics (without water) and make them flow
  • How to create an archival artwork – STEP ONE
  • How to keep your palette workable for days
    This course contains short segments on tips and techniques; not full training.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning how to make acrylics perform and have control over what they can do.
  • Newbie creators or anyone who has dabbled and wants to really understand how to use acrylics to create artwork.

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