Advanced Buffer Overflow Attacking Course – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  1. Format String Attacks
  2. Windows Buffer Overflows

This course includes:

  • 35 mins on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


What is a buffer overflow
A buffer is a storage area that holds data temporarily while it is being transferred from one place to another. A buffer overflow (or buffer overflow) occurs when the amount of data exceeds the storage capacity of the memory buffer. As a result, programs that try to write data into the buffer will overwrite adjacent memory locations.

For example, a credential buffer could be designed to expect 8 bytes of username and password input, so if a transaction has 10 bytes of input (which is 2 bytes more than expected), the program writes excess data after the limit of the buffer can.


Buffer overflows can affect all types of software. This is usually the result of incorrect input or failure to allocate sufficient space for the buffer. If a transaction overwrites the executable code, it can cause the program to behave unexpectedly, produce incorrect results, memory access errors, or crash.

The main aim of this course is to provide you with a practical introduction to the world of insect hunting. After this course, you will have a better understanding of the techniques (reverse engineering, exploit development) used by bug hunters to find security vulnerabilities. You will learn how to use buffer overflows on Windows systems. This is an introductory course and starts with the basics of operation and is beginner friendly.

How to Get this course FREE?

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