Azure Devops CI/CD Pipelines with YAML | Practical Demos – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • Create Build and release pipelines on Azure Devops
  • Use YAML and create pipelines for everyday requirements
  • Understand how Azure Devops agents work
  • Understand Azure DevOps pipelines architecture
  • How to build Azure DevOps pipelines using best practices


In this course you will learn how to master Azure YAML pipelines by building real world scenarios from production setups. The main goal of this course is to familiarise yourself with the available commands that Microsoft provides on the pipelines in order to build complex automation projects. Course is focused on practical examples of pipeline use cases that you can build and exercise on Azure DevOps platform. Those examples vary and depend on various services either azure internal or external that you can use plug n play in order to build, deploy and secure your infrastructure and deployments. Through the curriculum you can learn all the components required in order to create automation cases and understand how the tooling works in depth.

Course is mainly focused on practical demos and examples that you can use plug-n-play in your everyday work as a DevOps engineer.


Some of the objectives that you will learn are:

  1. cron schedules
  2. build pipelines
  3. release pipelines
  4. repositories
  5. devops tools
  6. environments
  7. approvals
  8. variables and parameters
  9. devops agents

DevOps tools that are covered through this course:

  1. Python
  2. Terraform
  3. Ansible
  4. .NET
  5. NodeJS
  6. Azure Web apps
  7. azure cli
  8. Kubernetes
  9. Docker
  10. DevSecOps

DevSecOps tools that are covered through this course:

  1. Sonarqube
  2. Trivy
  3. Gitleaks
  4. Snyk

Examples pipelines that are included:

  • hello-world-pipeline
    Create a hello world YAML pipeline
  • share-variables
    Share local variables between jobs and tasks
  • predefined-variables
    Use predefined variables for Working Directories, Git Repositories and Artifacts
  • build-strategy
    Build pipelines continuous integration strategy
  • terraform-az-lin-win
    Terraform pipeline to provision resources on Azure
  • rest-api-object
    Pipeline which triggers a pipeline using Azure devops REST Api
  • called-from-rest-api
    Pipeline with a parameter object as input which should be called from a REST API
  • unit-tests-azuredevops
    Build unit tests and publish on Azure devops
  • conditions
    Conditionally run tasks inside pipelines
  • build-dotnet
    Build a .NET application
  • deploy-appservice
    Build and deploy appservice on Azure
  • pipeline-templates
    Using a template structure for devops pipelines
  • start-vm-loop
    Start VMs on Azure using loops
  • cron-schedule
    Run a pipeline based on a cron schedule
  • environmet-approval
    Create build and release pipelines approvals using environments
  • multi-repo-checkout
    Checkout multiple git repositories on azure devops pipelines
  • variables-parameters
    Using variables and parameters on YAML pipelines
  • stages-jobs-tasks
    Stages, jobs and tasks inside a YAML pipeline
  • execute-ansible
    Execute ansible playbooks through azure devops
  • python-execution
    Execute python scripts
  • build-nodejs
    Build node JS applications using npm tool
  • update-build-number
    Update pipeline name by changing build number
  • install-win-software
    Install software (exe, msi) on windows machines
  • execute-command
    Execute command on a virtual server without username and password
  • starting-template
    Starting template with stage, job, tasks
  • push-package-feed
    Push a package to Artifact feeds
  • kubernetes-deployment
    Deploy nginx on kubernetes cluster
  • manual-validation
    Execute tasks based on manual validation
  • jmeter-loadtest
    Use Jmeter for performance testing
  • stage-dependencies
    Create deployment workflows with stage dependencies
  • jobs-dependencies
    Create execution workflows with job dependencies
  • dependson-variable
    Dynamic dependencies with variables and parameters
  • acr-build-push
    Build dotnet microservice and push on container registry
  • code-scan-trivy
    Scan code projects with trivy
  • snyk-scan-container
    Scan container images with snyk
  • gitleaks-scan
    Scan for passwords and secrets with gitleaks
  • azure-load-testing
    Load test websites with Azure Load testing
  • sonarqube-scan
    Use Quality Gates and scan source code with sonarqube
  • run-pipeline-after-another
    Run pipeline after another finishes execution
  • combined-template
    Templates for jobs, tasks and stages(nested templates)

Who this course is for:

  • Devops Engineers
  • IT Engineers
  • Systems Administrators
  • Automation Engineers
  • Developers

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