Mastering the Art of Speech Writing- (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  1. What are the different steps in the speech writing process?
  2. From what various sources can we gather information on the topic?
  3. Why must we be careful about using humor in our speech?
  4. How and why should we rehearse our speech?

This course includes:

  • 35 mins on-demand video
  • Certificate of completion


What is the importance of writing speeches?

  1. Why is speech writing different from other written communications?
  2. What is an informative speech?
  3. What is the purpose of a persuasive speech?
  4. How can we entertain the audience with a pleasant speech?
  5. What is a motivational speech?
  6. When will we give a commemorative speech?
  7. Can you name some occasions when special speeches were given?
  8. What is demonstrative speech?
  9. What are the different steps in the process of writing a speech?
  10. Before we write a speech, we must be clear about the purpose of the speech. Why?
  11. Briefly describe some of the objectives of the speech?
  12. What is the purpose of a motivational speech?
  13. Why is it important to understand your audience when writing speeches?
  14. In different situations we can turn to different people. Give some examples.
  15. We need to collect demographic information about our audience. What is demographic information?
  16. When writing a speech, we must consider the occasion. Why?
  17. When writing a speech, we must choose a clear topic. Why?
  18. We should choose topics that excite us. Why?
  19. When writing a speech, we must choose a unique topic. What happen
  20. Why should we conduct a survey to gather information on this topic?
  21. We should use reputable information sources to gather information. List some of them.
  22. Why should we evaluate our sources of information?
  23. When we collect information, we must keep detailed records. Why?
  24. Why should we outline our talk?
  25. What are some different tips for organizing our speech?
  26. When writing a speech, we must use transitions. What is the goal of the transition?
  27. Why do we have to change our sentence structure when speaking?
  28. We must be careful about using humor in our speeches. Why?
  29. What is the purpose of using evidence in speech writing?
  30. Why should we rehearse our speech?
  31. We had to make time during practice. Is the goal the same?
  32. While practicing, we should visualize our success. Why?
  33. How can we interact with our audience during the speech?
  34. We must speak naturally when giving a speech. What’s the use of the same?

How to Get this course FREE?


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