Docker tutorial for beginners – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • Learn the principles of virtualization technologies
  • Learn what containers are and how they work and ompare containers to other similar technologies
  • Discover the history of containers
  • Learn the foundations of using Docker
  • Create and manage Docker containers to speed up development and application deployment.


These days, when virtualization has become mainstream, any physical resource can be sliced, so that multiple users can share that resource in a carefully partitioned way. This enabled much better capacity utilization, and provided a much easier way to instantiate new workloads.

The rapid evolution of containers over the past two decades has changed the dynamic of modern IT infrastructure — and it began before Docker’s debut in 2013.


Containers are a light-weight solution which preserves all the goodness of VMs while increasing performance and improving server resource utilization for varying loads. As the figure shows, a container contains only an application and any associated software – such as libraries – it needs to run, but does not have any OS.

When Docker emerged in 2013, containers exploded in popularity.

Docker is a technology whose aim is to facilitate the deployment of applications and the provisioning management of the underlying infrastructure.

Using Docker containers helps get rid of the infrastructure dependency while deploying and running applications. This means that any containerized application can run on any platform irrespective of the infrastructure being used beneath.

In this Course, you’ll learn the foundations of using Docker,create and manage Docker images and containers,and explore the Docker ecosystem which consists of several useful tools that will allow you to simplify and standardize your software development process .

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers, software developers, and DevOps Engineers.

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