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Drawing of Morgan Freeman


  • Simple Pencil or Charcoal Pencil
  • Simple Paper
  • Love in Drawing


Would you like to draw Morgan Freeman?  No, do not worry about similarities.  Because I’m teaching you a technique to easily make a resemblance.  Yes, using carbon copy, you can transfer the original design of this actor’s face on your paper.  Shade the sams with different pencils.  From light to dark and from general to details.  You will learn how to draw eyebrows, eyelashes and eye components.  You can draw the texture of the facial skin step by step.  Wrinkles on the lips to the tissue.  By creating contrast in this period, you can show the real face.  Draw even the smallest details.  In this course, you will use the eraser tool as a drawing tool.  Eraser can draw white lines on hair and beard.  And many other skills.  So start looking at the lessons of this course

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