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How to establish good Cyber Hygiene




As technology grows more complex and our daily lives become more intertwined with the internet, it is important to protect ourselves otherwise we may fall victim to Cyber crime. Establishing good Cyber Hygiene not only minimizes our online exposure but also enables us to properly manage and secure our systems against Cyber threats.

What do you learn in this course?

  • Obtain an understanding of Cyber Hygiene
  • Obtain an understanding of Cyber threats, risks and vulnerabilities
  • Obtain an understanding of Digital footprints and its risks
  • Obtain an understanding of how we can manage our Cyber Hygiene and the best practices

Note: Due to the high number and diversity of different technologies, software and platforms, this course will not go over the specifics on how you can configure your systems and account settings specifically. This course is intended to provide fundamental knowledge to enable you to be aware of the Cyber risks and the theoretical information and best practices to establish good Cyber Hygiene.

Who this course is for:

  • People that are beginners in Cybersecurity
  • People that have knowledge of Cybersecurity
  • Any individuals interested in protecting their online presence
  • Any individuals that are interested in securing their systems

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