How to Get Your First 1,000 Facebook Fans: For Beginners – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  1. Build a large community of followers on Facebook using the power of affordable Facebook ads
  2. Proven step-by-step formula to set up a Facebook campaign that will effectively get people interested in your business
  3. Drive free traffic to your website
  4. Use your fans as social proof to sell more products and services
  5. Lower your advertising costs
  6. Research your audience quickly and easily in less than 20 minutes
  7. Create the right customer avatar, ad copy and ad image
  8. Set up and launch your first Facebook Like campaign
  9. Create winning customer avatars to leverage profits
  10. Set up your first campaign like a professional Facebook marketing agency
  11. Select the right image and craft a great ad copy
  12. Use Facebook’s targeting functions like a boss
  13. Measure, split-test and scale your most successful campaigns to grow your audience even faster

This course includes:

  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV


If you’ve ever looked at your competitors and been jealous of the number of likes they get on their Facebook page, this course is for you.

You’ll learn exactly what it takes to build a massive community of Facebook followers by leveraging the power of affordable Facebook advertising.


With a proven, easy-to-implement, step-by-step formula, you’ll set up a Facebook ad campaign that will get people interested in your business.

Because the more followers you have on social media, the more visitors you can bring to your website and the more sales you can generate.

Harness the power of Facebook to drive more traffic to your website and increase profits

Research your target group quickly and easily
Create precise customer avatars, ad text and ad images
Set up and run a Facebook ad campaign
Measure and test the performance of each ad

Dive into Successful Facebook Ads

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to create a successful Facebook advertising campaign from start to finish, including how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

You’ll learn how to research your audience in less than 20 minutes, use Facebook’s targeting features like a pro, and get likes for as little as $0.20 per page like in the US.

By knowing how to get more exposure for your business on Facebook, you can drive more traffic to your website, use your fans as social proof to sell more products and/or services, and lower your advertising costs.

Table of contents and overview

This course starts with an introduction to why a strong Facebook presence is so important for every business today.

Next, you’ll go through an easy-to-follow 3-step process to create a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

The first step is to research your audience with accurate data from sources like Facebook Audience Insights.

This skill allows you to find people who are most interested in your product or service so you can target your ads.

Next, learn how to set up attractive customer avatars to connect with your audience and engage them in what you have to say.

You’ll even learn how to use the right ad copy and images to grab people’s attention.

Finally, you’ll learn how to set up your campaign, including planning, pricing, and placements.

To test the effectiveness of each campaign and measure the success of one campaign against another, complete this course by studying split tests to see what works best for your business.

When you complete this course, you will be able to get more Facebook likes thanks to your ability to create ad campaigns that work.

You will be able to build a larger community of followers on social media with minimal investment and this will help you drive more traffic to your website and increase conversions.

How to Get this course FREE?

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