Intro to Business • Human Resources Fundamentals – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • The meaning and relevance of Human Resources, along with the 8-step Human Resources Process in all businesses regardless of size
  • How to determine Staffing Needs, as well as writing Job Descriptions, and Job Analysis
  • Using tools to recruit the best employee candidate pool; How to interview candidates to narrow down the list to the best employees
  • Training is VITAL to making sure employees perform at their best and don’t leave for better opportunities
  • Developing an effective plan for evaluating employees, communicating that information to them, and then using it to grow


In this course, we use everyday, easy-to-understand language to explain the fundamentals about the different elements of working with employees of all size companies.

While this course uses United States information as examples, the information and principles included apply to almost every country in the world.


Successful students will grasp the advantages, disadvantages, requirements, and some of the biggest concerns involved with writing Job Descriptions; hiring, training, and developing staff; preparing and conducting performance evaluations, the basics of compensation and benefits; and much more.

Throughout the entire course, quizzes and actual working “homework assignments” are used to reinforce the lessons as well as help the student understand what they are grasping or needing to restudy.

Some of the many areas covered in the course include:

  • The Human Resources Process and why everyone level of employees have some impact on the Human Resources of an organization.
  • What’s involved with determining exactly what a company’s staffing needs are, how to put those needs into a written plan, and how to use that plan to recruit, interview, and hire qualified staff members.
  • Why not only Onboarding (orientation) training is important, but also ongoing development to enable staff to perform at their best.
  • Designing and preparing Employee Performance Evaluations and how to use them to increase company performance and profits.
    MANY other lessons are included such as:
  • What is the ONE QUESTION every potential candidate should be asked in an interview?
  • How to plan for losing key employees such as owners, directors, and long-term staff
  • What are different compensation methods to consider and how do benefits play into the overall package
  • What specific questions should NOT be asked during an interview

NOTE:  This is one mini-course included in the Introduction to Business: Volume 1 series.  It is a completely stand-alone course with no prerequisites to understand the content.  However, all the separate courses combined provide a comprehensive understanding of introductory business concepts equivalent to a 16-week, 3-credit hour, college course.

Who this course is for:

  • Business owners, employees, students • And anyone wanting to better understand the basic elements of business

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