Cyber Defender’s Journey: Virus Detection and Elimination- (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • What is the meaning of Computer Virus?
  • Why do people create Viruses?
  • How do viruses spread?
  • What is the difference between Computer Virus and Malware?
  • What are some common indicators which may suggest than our computer system has been infected by virus?
  • What are some common types of computer viruses?
  • What a computer virus can do?
  • What is the difference between computer virus and ransomware, trojan horses, worm, spyware and adware?
  • How to protect our computer from computer virus?
  • Why should we install reputed antivirus/anti-malware software on our computer?
  • What to do if our computer system becomes infected?
  • How antivirus software works to detect and remove viruses?
  • Though antivirus software is a valuable tool for detection of viruses, it is not foolproof. Comment.
  • Antivirus or anti-malware which one do we need?
  • What are the future challenges of antivirus software?


  1. What is the meaning of a computer virus?
  2. Why is computer virus named after the biological virus?
  3. Whether antivirus software can uncover all computer viruses?
  4. Almost all viruses are attached to an executable file. What does it mean?
  5. Why is it necessary to be aware of computer viruses and malware?
  6. What are some common purposes behind the creation and distribution of computer viruses?
  7. What type of disruption is caused by some computer viruses?
  8. Certain viruses cause destruction. What type of destruction is caused by them?
  9. Some viruses are created with the purpose of theft and espionage. Please elaborate.
  10. What is meant by botnet?
  11. Some viruses are created for pranks or mischief. Write a few lines.
  12. Whether computer viruses created for experimentation can cause damage?
  13. Which are some common ways that viruses use to propagate?
  14. How viruses do spread through email attachments?
  15. How viruses do spread by downloads?
  16. Viruses can also spread through removable storage devices. Write a few lines.
  17. All viruses are malware but not all malware is virus. Comment.
  18. What is meant by malware?
  19. Malware always do their best to avoid detection. Comment.
  20. What are the various differences between computer virus and malware?
  21. Write a short note on the history of computer viruses.
  22. The reasons why people make viruses have changed with the passage of time. Comment.
  23. What are those some common indicators which may suggest that our computer system has been infected by virus?
  24. Computer virus can change the browser settings of  your computer. Comment.
  25. What type of action a computer virus may take on the files  stored in your computer?
  26. What type of unexpected activities can a computer virus can do in respect of email or social media?
  27. What are some common types of computer viruses?
  28. Detecting and removing viruses is an easy job. Comment.
  29. Direct action virus is a virus which directly attacks certain types of files. Which are those files?
  30. What is meant by boot sector?
  31. What is boot sector virus? Is it easy to remove this virus?
  32. Do you agree that  macro viruses do not target the underlying computer system itself? Comment.
  33. It is difficult to remove polymorphic viruses. Why?
  34. What is meant by multipartite virus?
  35. File infector viruses target specifically target which type of files?
  36. Where does resident virus saves itself?
  37. What does the overwrite virus do?
  38. What is meant by spacefiller virus?
  39. Computer viruses are just one kind of harmful software that can cause problems. Comment.
  40. Whether ransomware is a virus?
  41. Is trojan a virus?
  42. The spread rate of viruses is slow or high in comparison to trojan. Comment.
  43. What is the main purpose of trojan horse?
  44. Is worm a virus?
  45. At which speed worms spread in comparison to viruses?
  46. What is the function of spyware?
  47. What is meant by adware?
  48. Is it easy to tell to identify what type of malware has hit your computer system? Comment.
  49. What type of damages a computer virus can do?
  50. What are the various steps which we should take to protect our computer from virus?
  51. What is the importance of keeping operating software updated?
  52. Why should we install reputed antivirus software on our computer?
  53. Before using floppies, CDs and USB drive, we should take one action. What is that action?
  54. We should avoid using homemade CDs, floppy disks and flash drives. Why?
  55. Why should we not install too many security software on our computer?
  56. Why should we be cautious of email attachments and links?
  57. What is the importance of regularly backing up data?
  58. What is the purpose of a firewall?
  59. How can we protect our Wi-Fi?
  60. Why should we not download software from unfamiliar websites?
  61. How can we make a password strong?
  62. What are the various steps which we should take if our computer system becomes infected?
  63. In case of computer infection, we should disconnect our computer from internet, if we are using any. What is the logic behind that?
  64. What purpose is served if we disconnect our infected computer from the local area network with which it is connected?
  65. What are the various techniques and technologies used by antivirus software to detect and remove malware?
  66. What is meant by signature based detection of viruses?
  67. Antivirus software often includes real-time monitoring capabilities. What it means?
  68. If antivirus detects any virus in the computer system, what action is taken by the antivirus software?
  69. What is meant by cloud based scanning?
  70. How machine learning and artificial intelligence helps antivirus software?
  71. What is meant by antivirus?
  72. What is the meaning of anti-malware?
  73. Antivirus software should have some necessary features. What are those?
  74. What are future challenges which antivirus software may encounter?

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