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Learn advanced scenarios of git commands for daily uses


  • Student should understand basics of Git
  • Student should have Git installed


Welcome to course, where you will learn about advanced usages of basic git commands.

For this course, I pack a lot of different cases-situations-scenarios that can become a reality in your daily work.

Cases like that are pretty common:

– “I forget what was done?”

– “I want to revert changes that generate a bug.”

– “I staged too many edits, and I want to break them out into a separate commit?”

All of the situations that were covered in this course look pretty simple and straight-forward, but when the situation appears – you should know what to do.

This course is about learning how to apply basic commands like, commit, checkout, log, diff, stash and use them for troubleshooting.

You will learn about more than 30 cases, that can be useful for software developers.

We don’t touching here merge scenarios at all because this topic is huge and it better to be talked separately.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner software developers that want to extend their skills
  • Developers that want to extend their knowledge, related to git commands


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