Learn Easy Magic Tricks & Card Tricks. Compete Magic Course


No experience is necessary, this is a course designed for complete beginners. You’ll need a few things to get started, a pack of cards, some coins. Everything else you should be able to find easily around the house.


Hi there, My name is  Matt McGurk. I’m a professional Magician, Illusionist and British Magical Champion.

For the past 15 years I’ve made a great living performing all over the world as a professional magician. I’ve worked for Television, 6 star cruise-lines, and performed at thousands of weddings and corporate events worldwide. I’ve also lectured for magicians at the world famous Magic Circle in London.

In this course, I’ll be your personal magic coach. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to do magic tricks.

Have you ever wanted to learn magic tricks or card tricks like you’ve seen David Blaine or Dynamo do on Television? Then this is where you start. Welcome to the complete magic course for beginners. This is where you go from Zero to Hero in 7 days. Here you will learn more than simply how to do simple magic tricks. We will cover everything you need to know on how to do magic. You’ll learn:

Easy Card tricks

Easy Coin Tricks

Magic with Everyday Objects

How to Read Minds

Where to get your Props

Pro Tips on how to Practice and improve your Magic

In this course, you will go from knowing very little, to be able to perform simple magic tricks and easy card tricks for your friends and family. I’m going to teach you some simple magic tricks that you will be able to do straight away and that get killer reactions! You’ll learn how to do  amazing magic tricks such as:

Make coins disappear and reappear from nowhere


Make a pack of cards change colour

Make a card change under a spectators hand

Bend Spoons

Cut a rope up and have it complete restore itself magically

How to read someones mind and tell them a word they are only thinking about!

But This magic course for beginners isn’t like other online magic courses that you may have come across. It isn’t just a collection of easy magic tricks for beginners. This is a progressive course, that has a solid structure. It covers all the basics and is designed to get you started in the right way. It will build a solid foundation that will allow you to become a better magician.

So you’ll actually get to learn some Sleight of hand  techniques used by professional magicians.  These skills will then allow you to progress to more amazing magic tricks and card tricks later on.

The Magic course even features a ‘Pro Skills’ section, where you will learn how to perform how to handle cards and coins with the style and elegance of a professional magician. This includes:

How to do a Riffle Shuffle with Cards

How to do a sweet in the hands running cut

How to fan a deck of cards like a professional magician

How to spread them on the table and do fancy turnovers

How to do a fancy one handed cut with cards

How to roll a coin across the backs of your fingers

If you love magic and you’ve always wanted to learn, then let’s make a start. You’re going to have a great time learning how to do magic and you’ll have an even better time when you get the amazed reactions that these tricks will get you. Grab some cards and let’s do it!

Who this course is for:

  • People of all ages interested in magic that would like to learn a few tricks and sleight of hand to impress their friends and family. This is a foundation course for those pursuing magic as a serious hobby and will help you develop the skills necessary to progress to more advanced courses later on. .


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