Learn Hybrid Cloud Deployments with DevOps Tools: Hands On! – (Free Course)


Hands-on: Learn to deploy modern applications on a Hybrid Cloud architecture with Google Cloud, VMs and DevOps tools


What you’ll learn

  1. Hands on experience with some of the top modern cloud tools
  2. Understand how OnPrem resources interact with the cloud (distributed systems)
  3. Deploy applications on Google Kubernetes Engine
  4. Architect a plan for Hybrid Cloud application deployments

This course includes:


  • No programming experience needed. You will learn everything from the course.


Deploy the Ghost CMS blog application on Google Kubernetes Engine and its backend – MySQL server – in a virtual machine hosted on your PC. This virtual machine simulates the OnPrem data center.

Technical details:

Your OnPrem environment connects to the Google Cloud network using StrongSwan VPN and Google VPN Gateway to establish a site-to-site VPN connection.

You will be introduced to modern DevOps tools and technologies such as Docker, Helm, Kubernetes, Nginx, virtual machines, DNS, VPC, subnets, firewalls, GitHub, CLI, etc. and finally you will understand the role each plays in a modern cloud infrastructure.

Since this is a hybrid cloud course, you will also be introduced to the OnPrem setup which relies heavily on Linux admins. We’ll learn how to install applications like strongSwan VPN and MySQL server on Ubuntu and more importantly how to configure them.

Nginx is also deployed in Google Kubernetes clusters with helm and is used as a reverse proxy to expose blogging applications to the internet. After all the resources have been successfully provisioned, use a free DNS provider to generate a hostname and generate an SSL certificate. Next, create an A record to resolve your application hostname to the external IP address provided by nginx and expose your blog to the world!

At the end of each section, you will be asked about the concepts introduced to reinforce what you have learned. Ultimately, after completing this course, you will be able to design and deploy modern applications in a hybrid cloud environment, regardless of which cloud provider you choose.

Who this course is for:

Free Udemy Course Instructors

  • IT professionals, on any level, who want to make a switch to the cloud
  • Students who want an edge to land a dream cloud engineering job
  • Cloud engineers who want a deeper understanding of Hybrid Cloud

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