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Lightning protection in Revit


  • Basic knowledge in Revit.
  • Basic knowledge in lightning protection system.


This course is for Revit users who wants to learn how to design lightning protection system in Revit according to IEC/EN/BS/DIN 62305-1/3 standard.

You willl learn how to create Revit families for: vertical rod air termination system with its protective volume according to different LPL (lightning protection level ), solid tape or flat conductors, holders to ensure the distance between conductors and surfaces, clamps and others.

You will learn the fundamentals of the standard EN 62305 -1/3, mechanism of lightning discharge and understand the concept of lightning design using Rolling Sphere Method and make the simulation in Revit using intelligent families.

Training materials: Revit families.

This course is life time access, you can come back and watch the course any time you want.

Who this course is for:

  • Revit users interested of lightning protection design.
  • MEP Consultants.
  • Engineers.

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