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LinkedIn Profile: The Complete Guide to Reach Your Dream Job


Anyone can take this course. No prior knowledge needed!


Welcome to the 5-Day LinkedIn Profile Challenge!

Learn how to update your LinkedIn Profile to get organic views and appear in search results for the opportunities you are looking for!

DAY 1: Profile Photo and Cover Photo

The right profile photo can immediately increase your profile views.

What should be in the picture? Should you take a professional photo? Do you have to include a cover photo? Should you smile?

DAY 2: Headline, Industry and Location

The small changes that have a huge impact!

How to make your headline accurate and interesting at the same time?

Does Industry and Location matter? What do I change it to?

DAY 3: Summary and Experience

Your Sales Pitch! Showcase your achievements, your personality, and where you are heading.

How to write the perfect summary? How long should the summary be?


What to include in each experience section?

DAY 4: Skills, Endorsements, Recommendations

The final details that round your profile.

Which skills to add? How to order them?

Do endorsements and recommendations matter? How to get them?

DAY 5: Posts, Articles and Activity

The future. Don’t slack!

Is an updated LinkedIn profile enough? How should you be interacting with others on LinkedIn? Do you need to create and post content?

Thank you for joining!

Who this course is for:

  • Job Seekers
  • Job Applicants
  • Early Career Professionals
  • Students


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