MongoDB, Express, React, Node, Angular (MEAN/MERN) – 5 in 1 – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • Test & Improve your Full Stack Development skills | All topics included | Practice Tests | Common Interview Questions


In the field of web development, full-stack development is playing a vital role. A full-stack development provides a solution for perfect solutions for front-end, back-end, testing, mobile application. In today’s world, the demand for a full-stack developer is rising tremendously. A full-stack developer can take care of the entire design structure of a project. There exist different full-stack development frameworks like MEAN stack and MERN stack.

MEAN stack: MEAN is an abbreviation that stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js. This framework provides quick and easy development of web and mobile applications.


MERN stack: MERN is an abbreviation which stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, Node.js. This framework also provides quick and easy development of web and mobile applications using java as its main component.

  • MongoDB: It is a document-oriented No-SQL data store used to store back-end applications.
  • ExpressJS: It is a layered framework built on top of NodeJS that takes care of the website’s back-end functionality and structure.
  • ReactJS: It is a library that facilitates creating the user interface components of single-page web applications.
  • NodeJS: It is a runtime environment capable of running JavaScript on a machine
  • AngularJS: It is the front-end framework that runs the code in the browser.

Given the wide range of available technology stacks, MEAN Stack and MERN Stack present you with similar functionalities in their work. In the present application development market, MEAN and MERN have become equally important in conducting their roles. They are rapidly growing in popularity as an integral part of Full Stack Development. Both MEAN and MERN are reliable frameworks. However, they differ in their structure placement.

What does this course offer you?

  • This course consists of 5 practice tests.
  • Practice test consists of 50 questions each, timed at 30 minutes with 50% as passing percentage.
  • The questions are multiple-choice.
  • The answers are randomized every time you take a test.
  • Questions are of varying difficulty – from easy to moderate to tough.
  • Once the test is complete, you will get an instant result report with categories of strength to weakness.
  • You can re-take the tests over and over again as and when it suits you.
  • New set of questions will be added frequently and you can practice along without having to buy the course again.
  • Learning Resources will be shared over email frequently to all enrolled students, along with any latest updates/news/events/knowledge.

Sample Question : When you query a collection, MongoDB returns a ________ object that contains the results of the query.
Options : row, cursor, columns
Answer : cursor
Explanation : The mongo shell then iterates over the cursor to display the results.

With this course you will get lifetime-long access to 250 Interview and Practice Questions on MERN & MEAN Stack that are updated frequently. After the test you will become more confident in these areas and will be able easily perform basic and advanced tasks while working on any Web Application Development project –  these practices work in all areas of varied kind of situations. Not just that, you will have enough knowledge to clear your next Full Stack Job Interview !

But most important is that you will UNDERSTAND MERN & MEAN Stack fundamentals.

You will also get 30-days money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

Don’t wait and join the course now!

Who this course is for:

  • Web Development professionals looking to sharpen their skills
  • Anyone preparing for Full stack Developer Interview
  • Students / professionals looking to learn and master MERN / MEAN Stack as career path

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