MySQL Database Development Mastery- (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  1. Basic database design (tables, columns, data types, primary keys, foreign keys, normalization)
  2. Using Installation and MySQL Workbench
  3. SELECT statement: Query on individual table (filter, sort, group)
  4. DELETE: How to delete data from database
  5. INSERT INTO : How to insert data into a table
  6. UPDATE: How to update existing data
  7. Common database development best practices
  8. Create relations and foreign keys
  9. How to create SQL statements based on real-world scenarios
  10. How to export query results to Excel
  11. Using aggregate functions in SQL
  12. Query related data from multiple tables

This course includes:

  • 4.5 hours of video on demand
  • 1 item
  • 15 resources to download
  • Completion Certificate


This is a MySQL Database Server and MySQL Workbench zero to hero course. There are no prerequisites for this course. If you want to become familiar with database and query concepts, this is the course for you.

Why learn MySQL?


MySQL is the most popular open source database in the world. With proven performance, reliability and ease of use, MySQL has become the leading database choice for web-based applications used by high-profile web properties such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

We will examine best practices in database development using MySQL Database Server and create a database management system for small schools.

All you need is a Windows computer and we’ll guide you through setting up your environment, creating your database, creating your first tables, and writing your queries.

At the end of this course, you will be able to write queries for various situations and reports.

How to Get this course FREE?

Note: The udemy Courses Will be free for a Maximum of 1000 Learners can use the promo code AND Get this course 100% Free. After that, you will get this course at a discounted price. (Still, It’s a good deal for you to get this course at a discounted price).

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