OCI 2023 Security Professional – 1Z0-1104 – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  1. The OCI 2023 Security Professional – 1Z0-1104-23 Exam-Only course is a focused and intensive program designed for individuals who are seeking to validate their expertise

This course includes:

  • 4 practice tests
  • Access on mobile
  • Full lifetime access



  • Format:Hands-on Performance Based
  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Number of Questions: Not Applicable
  • Passing Score: 60%

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Security Professional certification is a Hands-on Performance Exam (HPE) that combines hands-on challenges and multiple-choice questions.


The Oracle Cloud ​Infrastructure Security ​certification is intended for ​professionals who are ​responsible for security in ​their Oracle Cloud ​Infrastructure environments. ​The target candidate should ​have 2+ years of experience ​in designing and implementing ​security solutions. ​Additionally, the ​candidate should have 6 ​months or more of hands-on ​experience in securing ​workloads on OCI. The exam ​validates the following OCI ​Security topics:​

• Working knowledge of OCI security services to provide a secure cloud environment
• Understanding of OCI Identity and Access Management service and features
• Understanding of OCI mechanisms to secure data and database workloads
• Understanding of network security in OCI
• Understanding of how to secure applications in OCI
• Understanding of security operations, including monitoring, logging, and alerting
• Familiarity with compliance frameworks


The OCI 2023 Security Professional – 1Z0-1104-23 Exam-Only course is a focused and intensive program designed for individuals who are seeking to validate their expertise in securing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) by passing the 1Z0-1104-23 exam. This course is tailored specifically for participants who have already acquired the necessary knowledge and skills through practical experience or prior study.

Through a targeted and exam-centric approach, participants will dive deep into the key concepts, principles, and security features of OCI. The course will cover essential topics such as identity and access management, network security, encryption, monitoring and incident response, compliance, and more, all within the context of OCI.

Please note that this course is not a comprehensive training program covering all aspects of OCI security. It is specifically designed for individuals who already possess a solid understanding of OCI security concepts and are preparing solely for the exam. Prior knowledge or practical experience in OCI security is highly recommended before enrolling in this course.

By completing this course and passing the 1Z0-1104-23 exam, participants will earn the prestigious OCI 2023 Security Professional certification, validating their expertise and demonstrating their ability to secure OCI environments effectively.

Join this exam-focused course and validate your OCI security skills as you take a significant step forward in your cloud security career.


Can I take the practice test more than once?

You can take each practical test multiple times.

What result is required?

The required grade for each practice test is 60% correct answers.

What is the time limit for one exam?

The time for each exam is 90 minutes.

Can I see my answers?

You can review all the answers for completing a given test.
Are there explanations for the answers?

There is a view of full explanations for each of the answers, both correct and incorrect.

Who this course is for:

  • IT Security Professionals: This course is particularly valuable for IT security professionals who want to specialize in cloud security and gain expertise in securing OCI environments. It can help security analysts, engineers, architects, and consultants to expand their knowledge of OCI-specific security features and best practices, enabling them to effectively secure OCI resources and protect against potential threats.
  • Cloud Operations and Infrastructure Teams: The course is also beneficial for cloud operations and infrastructure teams responsible for managing and securing OCI environments. It provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement robust security measures, configure access controls, monitor for security incidents, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This includes system administrators, cloud architects, network engineers, and operations managers.
  • DevOps Professionals and Developers: DevOps professionals and developers working with OCI can also benefit from this course. It equips them with the understanding of OCI security principles and practices, enabling them to design and deploy secure applications and infrastructure in OCI. By incorporating security best practices from the beginning of the development process, they can ensure that their applications and systems are secure, compliant, and resilient.

How to Get this course FREE?

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