The Interview Maestro: Perfecting the Art for Success – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  • 1. How to conduct effective and efficient interviews that yield the best candidates for the job.
  • 2. How to develop an interview process that is consistent and fair to all the candidates.
  • 3. How to create a welcoming and professional environment that puts the candidate at ease and encourages them to share their experiences and skills.
  • 4. How to evaluate the candidates objectively?


  1. What is the meaning of an interview?
  2. What are the objectives of an interview from the employer’s point of view?
  3. How interview is conducted?
  4. Whether interview is a formal or informal conversation?
  5. What is meant by surface area of a cuboid?
  6. What is the formula for calculation of surface area of a cuboid?
  7. Why many skilled and qualified recruits leave the job within a few weeks or months?
  8. Why some new recruits have to be groomed extensively?
  9. How the interviewer can understand the Company’s needs?
  10. How an interviewer can learn about the candidate?
  11. How an interviewer should settle logistics?
  12. How an interviewer can prepare the candidate for interview?
  13. Why there is need for creation of comfortable atmosphere for the interview?
  14. Do you agree that tendency to hurry questions should be avoided by the interviewer?
  15. The interviewer can have three categories of questions for the interview. Name those three categories.
  16. What is the purpose of hypothetical questions?
  17. Why the interviewer should take notes during the interview?
  18. The interviewer should avoid speaking more than the candidate. Comment.
  19. The evaluation of the candidates should be impartial. Discuss.
  20. When and how an interviewer can give a piece of advice to the interviewee?
  21. How an interviewer can close the interview?
  22. What are non-verbal cues? How an interviewer can evaluate the candidate from non-verbal cues?
  23. What are those points which indicate that the candidate is prepared for the interview?
  24. How the interviewer can judge whether the candidate has the skills which are required for the job?
  25. Which thing shows that the candidate may not be self-aware?
  26. What are those points which show that the candidate is aware of his/her strengths and weaknesses?
  27. What are those points which may indicate that the candidate has leadership abilities?
  28. How the interviewer can conclude that the candidate is confident in himself/herself?
  29. Why there is need to be transparent with the candidate about the job hours and salary range in the interview process?
  30. What are those points which the interviewer should look for in a candidate’s appearance?
  31. How an interviewer can judge that the candidate is dependable?
  32. Why the interviewer should ask a question or two from the resume of the candidate?
  33. What is the benefit of asking the questions from the candidate relating to adaptability and flexibility?
  34. What is meant by self-starter?
  35. How the self-starter can be highly beneficial for the organization?
  36. What type of questions should be avoided by the interviewer? Give some examples.
  37. The interviewer should stick to which type of questions?

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are interested to learn about the Interview tips for the Interviewer and Things Interviewer should look for in job candidates

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