Pipe Stress Engineering Fundamentals


Basic understanding of piping systems is benificial


In this course, you will learn more about material stresses in piping systems.

Topics Include:

  • Pipe Stress Engineering basics,
  • Stress definitions in piping,
  • Know the relevant material stresses in piping and their equation,
  • Know how 3D stress states are linked to a single stress allowable value,
  • Stress failure criteria: Von Misses, Tresca & Rankine,
  • Mohr’s circle & principal stresses.

Course content:

1.1 – Stress directions in piping
1.2 – Stress due to Pressure
1.3a – Rapid Fire Questions
1.3b – A deeper understanding
1.4 – Radial stress
1.5 – Forces & moments on a pipe segment
1.6 – Stress versus strain definitions
1.7 – Mohr’s circle & principal stresses
1.8 – Stress failure criteria: Von Misses, Tresca & Rankine
1.9 – Defining stress as per the ASME B31.3 design code

Who this course is for:

  • Students and Professionals working with piping systems
  • Piping design engineers
  • Pipe stress engineers

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