PMI-100 Certified Associate Project Management Practice Exam


Sample Questions

Q) What defines a project is executed, monitored and controlled, and closed the document?

a) Strategic Plan

b) project Charter

c) Project Management Plan

d) Service Level Agreement

Q) What changes occur in risk and uncertainty, as well as the cost of changes such as the life cycle of a typical project progress?

a) Risk and increased uncertainty; the cost of the changes increases.

b) Risk and increased uncertainty; the cost of changes decreases,

c) Risk and decrease the uncertainty; the cost of the changes increases.

d) Risk and decrease the uncertainty; the cost of changes decreases.

Q) What tool or technique it is used in the Application of the Plan Scope management process?

a) analysis of documents

b) observations

c) analysis of the product

d) expert Reviews

Q) What tool or technique is a review of the sector and of specific vendor?

a) independent estimates

b) Market research

c) analytical techniques

d) bidder conferences

Q) An input used in the development of the communications management plan is:

a) communication models.

b) Enterprise environmental factors

c) organizational communications,

d) organizational cultures and styles.

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