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PMP Certificate Preparatory Course Section 1 – Introduction


This course can be taken by anyone. However, to be able to take PMP examination, there are prerequisites based on which PMI accepts or rejects applications for the exam. Please check official website of PMI.


This section is one of the very important sections of the full course that prepares you fully for the coveted PMP certification (PMBOK 6th version) in project management conducted by PMI.  The full course enables you to understand the concept of project management as well as its implementation in your work to enhance quality of your project management. The tools and techniques of project management are so hands-on applicable to our real life that it is almost possible to reap benefits while learning them and parallely try to implement them at work in relevant bits and pieces.

This section introduces you to the concept of project management and this knowledge helps you understand the advanced dynamics of project management that are taken up in the full blown PMP Preparatory course.

Who this course is for:

  • PMP aspirants/ Project management professionals

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