Practical Buffer Overflows for OSCP


No Prerequisites needed


Are you want to learn Buffer Overflows from scratch ?

Are you preparing for OSCP ?

Want to ACE Buffer Overflows in less than hour ?

Then i have made an excellent course for you

Here’s glance of what you’ll learn

-Understand basics of x86 assembly concepts

-Fuzz the Application using a python framework

-Crash the Application and Observe the stack

-Precision EIP Overwrite with a Unique Pattern

-Finding Bad Characters with Mona

-Finding Jmps with Mona and Immunity Debugger

-Generating Shellcode without Bad characters with METASPLOIT

-Bypass Less Buffer sizes with Egghunters

-POP POP RET technique for bypassing null bytes

-Use short jumps to jump around memory

-Some Important Examples

course bonus : some vulnerable binaries and writeups

also 5 custom made binaries by me + writeups

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to learn buffer overflow exploits from scratch
  • OSCP Students


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