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QuickBooks Online vs Aplos Not for Profit Accounting


None – QuickBooks Online & Aplos generally has a free 15 to 30 day trial (great tool for us)


This course in progress.

Learners will understand how to set up QuickBooks Online & Aplos accounting software.

QuickBooks Online is very popular accounting software. Aplos is less popular but is specially designed for Not for Profit Accounting.

The course will show how to use free resources to optimize learning.

We will demonstrate the use of funds and tags to generate Not for Profit reports.

The course will demonstrate how to enter and track restricted resources.

We will enter month end adjusting entries.

Learners will see how to allocate expenses to programs and administrative categories.

We will record net assets released from restriction.

The course will show how to generate, analyze, memorize, & export to Excel financial reports.

Who this course is for:

Anybody how wants to learn Not for Profit accounting in a practical way


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