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Reverse engineering Android and IOS Apps : A practical guide


  • Understanding of basic computer networking and mobile technologies
  • Basic knowledge of Android and IOS applications
  • Familiar with basic Android or IOS command line interfaces
  • Ability to install Oracle VM VirtualBox


Smartphone usage rates have been exploding in recent decades.Today’s two dominant mobile operating systems are the Android OS developed by Google and the iOS from Apple.   

To avoid and reduce security breaches, We need to detect security loopholes and application vulnerabilities before malicious hackers and attackers exploit them, therefore in this course,i will take you through the possible vulnerabilities that comes with your mobile device applications on both the android and IOS platforms and also take you on the different demonstrative steps of the tools you will be using for the actual penetration testing  and security evaluations as you reverse engineer the applications

We will be using penetration and reverse engineering interchangeably as both tend to focus on watching closely the behavior of applications and identifying security loopholes in them .Please keep in mind the software’s and processes used in this course can get you in trouble or damage your device However you are at the right place if you want to want to prevent potential device sabotage on your mobile by forecasting attackers’ actions and predicting their activities or maybe  you simply want to change the architecture of certain components within a mobile application

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Android and IOS app developers
  • Curious Students and Security experts
  • Hobbyists who are fascinated by this subject


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