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Science of Influence


  • Be able to listen
  • Be interested in how human beings function and think


How many times have we found ourselves agreeing for something that we really didn’t want to do, or were not really interested in but still said yes?  How many times have you seen people agree to things you know they would never agree otherwise, and then the same people end up holding their new position more strongly? 

There are a lot of Human Behaviors we tend to engage in that not only boggle other people but, in most cases, ourselves too. “i cant believe i gave up my leisure time for this!” – i found my self saying this so many times. If i know some thing to be so unbelievable, then why do i do it in the first place? Better yet, why does ANY rational human do this? What makes some people so influential and some people not? Why do people always say yes to this guy?

There are a lot of questionable behaviors out there that psychology has attempted to explain over time. This course, will help you understand them. Next time you see someone holding a ridiculous belief or doing an action they never would, you will have a better understanding of what cognitive processes might be at play.

Also sometimes we really want to make conversation with someone. Be it someone you like or a business prospect. However,  these conversation don’t always end up being memorable for THAT person. As a result, our influence remains low. So how do we make them remember our talk? or better yet, remember ME? Luckily, psychologists have studied this too! And in this course you will learn techniques to have meaningful conversations even if its the FIRST time you meet someone.

How can you influence someone if you are unaware of their personality and preferences? This course will also help you with scientifically researched ways in which you can easily do that without appearing as a creep.

In short, this course is designed in way to not only help you understand the science behind human behavior, but also apply this understanding around you in such a way that your influence drastically increases. Of course, all this will ONLY work provided you actually DO what you learn.

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in understanding and improving their influence skills


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