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What you’ll learn

  1. Learn How to Optimise your Homepage to Score Higher in Google Search. Learn How to Optimise your Title Tag & Meta Description. Write to Attract & Persuade.
  2. Learn Product Page SEO. Write Product Pages Content Right. Convert Browsers into Buyers. Helps Google to Discover your Product Pages & Rank them in Search.
  3. Learn About Page SEO & FAQ Support Page SEO. Boost your Chances of Getting Featured in one of Google’s Answer Boxes. Learn Technical SEO for Ecommerce.
  4. Learn How to Easily Find Great Keywords & Creative Content Inspiration – for your Homepage, Product Pages, About Pages, FAQ Pages and Product Descriptions.
  5. Get Pro Five In-Depth Marketing Ecommerce Templates you can Customise – and Quickly Create high Converting Landing Pages & SEO Content Pages for Success.
  6. Learn how to Create Content that Persuades, Attracts, and Converts with our Expert Templates for Ecommerce that you Customise to Suit your own Products.
  7. Learn Persuasive SEO Copywriting Techniques to Hook Potential Customers Fast. Build Trust & Get to that Sale. Benefit from Pro Content Creation Templates.
  8. Discover what you Need to Do & Why with Easy Step by Step Template Guidance. Then Save Hours of Time by Quickly Tweaking them so they Fit your Needs Exactly.

This course includes:

  • 5 hours on-demand video
  • 17 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion


Ecommerce SEO Copywriting Course with Strong Focus on Developing Content Writing Skills & Sales Writing Skills. This Content Marketing Course is filled with Quizzes & Writing Assignments Making Learning Fun.

Learn how to create content that persuades, attracts, and converts with our expert templates that you customise to suit your own products.


Discover what you need to do and WHY with easy step by step templates – then save hours of time by quickly tweaking them so they fit your needs exactly.

We’ve developed this course to offer you practical, workable ways to achieve ecommerce SEO success, so you can quickly and easily get ranked on Google and boost your bottom line.

Inside you’ll find…

  • Practical SEO optimised templates for ecommerce website copy – learn what goes where and WHY
  • Easy step by steps to finding GREAT KEYWORDS – for your homepage, product pages, about pages and product descriptions
  • Checklists you can run through – to steer you to Ecommerce SEO success
  • Strategy tip lists you can follow – improve your Ecommerce SEO approach
  • Technical SEO tips to help boost your website’s Google ranking – so you Sell More!

SEO – the Key to your Ecommerce Strategy

SEO is essential for Ecommerce and it will be the founding launchpad for the success of all your campaigns. It’s such a crucial element because without a good SEO strategy, no one knows you exist, and they can’t find you in Google Search.

Google Search is still the No 1 way people search for – and discover new products and services, so your SEO focus needs to be focused on ranking well on this platform. Once customers find you in Google, and click through to visit your website landing page, or ecommerce store, you need to present them with website content that persuades them that you are the best option.

Optimising your website copy allows you to maximise your chances of getting found by ready-to-spend consumers without the expense of paid-for ads. It’s definitely not something to overlook, and in this guide you’ll find a number of practical templates you can easily tweak, to help you present visitors with the perfect content.

If you put in just a little effort AND use the blueprints and the strategies outlined in this guide, you should soon start seeing an improvement in your approach to ecommerce SEO.

Are you ready to get started on your ecommerce journey to success and more sales?

Great, then let’s dive into our first topic – what is ecommerce SEO and why do you need it?

Learn Researching SEO Keywords

As well as your product pages, you should attend to your static always-on pages SEO including…

  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • FAQ Page
  • Contact and Help Centre pages
  • & Blogs

Learn How to optimise your Homepage to score higher in Google Search

Your homepage is a pivotal element of your ecommerce store and though it’s by no means the only page you should focus on, it is one of the first pages people will land on. As a result, you want to make it as discoverable in search as possible – and to achieve this, there are several critical elements you need to optimise for SEO.

Learn about Essential elements of your Ecommerce Homepage

Title Tag

Probably the most crucial part of your homepage, your title tag tells Google – and visitors what your page and business is all about. It should incorporate 4 key elements and must…

  1. Include your brand name
  2. Include the main key phrase you want to rank for
  3. Be under 70 characters
  4. Be engaging – as browsers will see it in search

Meta Description

Your meta- description appears underneath your page header in search results, and it can affect your Google rankings, so don’t neglect this area.

Your homepage meta-description should…

  • Be 160 characters or less
  • Clearly describe what you’re offering
  • Be written to persuade people to click through your website

Learn Product Page SEO

Getting product page content right is one of the most important things you can do for your brand. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Your content helps to convert browsers into buyers
  2. It helps Google discover your product pages and rank them in search so more peoplecan find them

If you have 100’s of products it can be tempting to neglect your product page copy – and far too many Ecommerce stores just throw up a list of bullet points or embed a video.

You might not be able to get content for every product in your store all at once but it’s worth trying to achieve this, as it will pay off in terms of conversions and search rankings. Start by creating listings for your best selling products and then add more product listings from there.

Learn About Page SEO

A great About page needs to tell your company story and establish your niche authority. It should also let potential customers know why they should purchase from you, so it’s a good place to outline your industry experience and mention any high profile people or brands you’ve worked with.

About pages shouldn’t be boring – they should engage, so think of your page as another chance to convince people to buy from you.

Learn FAQ Support Page SEO

Including an FAQ page on your Ecommerce site is a great SEO strategy, as it not only answers your visitors common questions, helping you to cut down on time answering emails, but it gives you another chance to rank on Google.

FAQ pages are often overlooked but they are super-important for SEO. Google’s main goal is to find answers to questions, and when you create an FAQ page you are helping Google do its job. Create answers to questions many people want and they can even boost your chances of getting featured in one of Google’s answer boxes, or featured snippets, which will greatly improve traffic to your site.

Just like any other page on your site you should include relevant keywords in all sections of your FAQ page. Use long tail keywords in your questions, as Google voice searchers often ask questions to find what they need – if you include the questions people are asking, your page has an excellent chance of getting returned as the suggested voice search result.

Learn Technical SEO for Ecommerce

URLs: Use Short, Keyword-Rich URLs

Research has shown shorter URLs rank better on Google so it’s best to keep your URLs under 50 characters. This can be difficult when you run an ecommerce site as often your product page URLs will have categories and subcategories in them.

One way around this is to make your categories and subcategories keywords, which will boost your SEO on Google. If you have a work out gear store for example, you might have category pages such as:

  • Mens trainers
  • Womens trainers
  • Yoga pants
  • Yoga mats

If you put in just a little effort AND use the blueprints and the strategies outlined in this guide, you should soon start seeing an improvement in your approach to Ecommerce SEO.

When you Enrol, You Also Get:

  • Course Materials And Tuition Worth At Least $2.700 – you get it all – for a tiny fraction of the cost!!
  • 5 In-Depth Content Marketing Templates you can easily customise for your e-commerce business
  • Handy PDF & MP3 packed with useful and Free Extra Resources you can download from our Resource Centre
  • Interactive Quizzes & Writing Assignments
  • Lifetime access & Lifetime updates
  • Udemy certificate of completion – ready for download
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast & friendly support in the Q&A section – ask me a question anytime

We wish you every success and can’t wait to welcome you on board.


Ing. Tomas Moravek, Internet Efficiency Awarded Digital Marketing Expert,

Beck Robertson, NCTJ Qualified Journalist & Copywriter with over 11 Years’ Experience

& Team

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