Shopify Bootcamp: Increase Your Sales and Conversion rate – (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  1. Increase your conversion rate
  2. Increase your sales

This course includes:

  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


Learning to work with Shopify is not always easy and can be very tricky at times, especially if you have never worked with the program before. That’s why this course was created to help you achieve your goals and teach you everything you need to know to increase your Shopify conversion rates. If you:

  • I just started with Shopify and I don’t know which app to use
  • You want to increase the conversion rate on your Shopify store
  • You are interested in Shopify’s features
  • I’m just curious about this topic

Then this course is definitely something for you. Not only will you discover which app is the best for your Shopify store, but everything you’ll learn in this course will help you increase the conversion rate of your online store.


Course structure

The way this course is structured is designed to help you understand how to work well with Shopify to get the best results. This course will cover a wide range of topics. From understanding what a conversion rate is to the various apps you can use with Shopify to improve it, you’ll actually learn everything you need to know to increase conversion rates on your Shopify store. Plus, you can apply your knowledge no matter what your course niche is. In other words, this course can be useful for all types of shops and all types of products sold on Shopify.

In addition, this course is based on the logic of learning by doing. In other words, everything you learn in this course from a theoretical point of view is put into practice on real-life examples. This means that by the end of this course you will fully understand why you used each of the tools taught in this course. This allows your store to convert more visitors into buyers.

Who is this course for?

There are many Shopify courses out there all over the web. But this course is different, all the concepts you will find in this course are simplified so you can understand them better and easier. Also, every element of this course (application or concept) includes practical examples. This lets you put all elements of the course into practice. Finally, the way this course is presented and structured is designed to help you achieve your goals of increasing conversions on your Shopify store, and gain a solid understanding of the program.

Why should I take this course?

If you own or plan to have an online store powered by Shopify, you will definitely love this course. In this course, you will learn through practical examples how you can actually convert the most visitors into buyers with your online store. In other words, how can you increase your conversion rate.

You are not taking any risks by participating in this course

This course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve learned, you have 30 days to receive a full refund, no questions asked. Even if you find a concept complicated or can’t understand it, you can contact me directly and I will be happy to assist you in your studies.

This means you can learn amazing skills that can be very useful in your professional or everyday life, or you can try the course and if for some reason you don’t like it, ask for a refund.

You have nothing to lose with an offer like this!!

SIGN UP NOW and start learning today 🙂

Who is this course for:
People who want to increase their conversion rates in e-commerce

How to Get this course FREE?

Note: The udemy Courses Will be free for a Maximum of 1000 Learners can use the promo code AND Get this course 100% Free. After that, you will get this course at a discounted price. (Still, It’s a good deal for you to get this course at a discounted price).

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