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Software Requirement Engineering (SRE)


  • You are interested in getting knowledge about software engineering.
  • Want to get something new about gathering requirements.
  • Want to work in the field of software engineering.


In this course, you will learn complete information about how to engineer software requirements. This course is for beginners who want to start software engineering from basic level. During this whole journey we will enjoy studying and develop your interest related to the field of Software Engineering. The following topics we will cover in this course in detail:

Student will be able to learn about software, its requirements and how to process them.

Different types of requirements.

Process models for requirements engineering.

Processes of requirements engineering.

Actors and stakeholders in requirements engineering.

Requirements Elicitation and its techniques approaches and tools.

Requirements Analyst and their tasks.

Business process modeling notations.

How to engineer software requirements.

Story boarding and its types.

How to do requirement Analysis.

Requirement negotiation.


How to write requirements.

A project of school management system

Who this course is for:

  • Students related to the field of software Engineering.
  • Students related to field of business analyst


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