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Test Case Management (Fundamentals & TestRail Demo)


Basic Software Testing Life Cycle Knowledge


To be a software tester you need to master the most basic key factor of Software Quality Assurance and software testing through writing and implementing proper test cases and running test-plans. Through this course; the audience would get a detailed insight into how to create test cases, manage a project, create milestones & test plans, and execute different types of test suites using the Testrail Management tool.

In this course all information presented in an easy straight forward way so any non-tech person can start with it to have the proper guidance about software development life cycle and test case management, also any software engineer who is looking to enrich his knowledge related to test case management process this is the right course for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Testing Professionals
  • Software Development Professionals
  • Anyone interested to learn new test case management tool


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