The Complete Ubuntu Linux Server Administration Course !


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 Welcome to ” The Complete Ubuntu Linux Server Administration Course ! ” 

Master the Latest & Fastest Growing Ubuntu Linux Server and Become a Cash Earning System Administrator .

Linux is an Operating system which was developed in early 1990s by Linus Torvald at University of Helsinki in Finland . Then it was further joined & modified by group of thousands of computer geeks all around the world .Currently there are lots of Linux Distributions are available in the market like Redhat , Centos , Debian etc . But now Ubuntu server is becoming more popular in these day’s because it is easy to use & free . Following are the main sections of the course which contains different tutorials in detail. 

This course consists of 13 different sections and with over 9.5 Hours of HD videos in time Lenght .

                                              MAIN SECTIONS OF THE COURSE   : –

                   ■  Introduction .

                   ■  Basics of Linux commands & File Structure .

                   ■  File Management .

                   ■  Process Management . 

                   ■  User & Group Management .

                   ■  Disk Management .

                   ■  Network Management . 

                   ■  Setting up your own Web Server .

                   ■  Setting up your own Mail Server .

                   ■  Setting up your own DNS server .

                   ■  Securing your Server .

                   ■  Miscellaneous useful stuff . 

Who this course is for:

  • School / College student .
  • Linux Hobbyist .
  • IT Professionals .
  • Anybody who wants to become a Linux System Administrator .
  • Anybody who wants to become a Linux Network Administrator .
  • Anybody who wants to learn How to create own File / Web / Mail Servers .

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