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Tie Dye & Ice Dye classes


  • Students will need basic home supplies such as a kitchen pot or vessle, rubber bands or zip ties, RIT Dye, a stove top or hot plate, salt, & vinegar.
  • Whether you are an urban city resident without private outdoor space or have a big back yard or garage, you will have different options. You can even use your kitchen sink. But if you aren’t comfortable with using your sink, or would prefer to dye outdoors, a large plastic bin will work great. No matter the vessel you use, the most important thing is to have a contained space to tie-dye so clean-up is easy. Amazon has several options, as does Home Depot


Our Master Dyers have been collaborating with the most creative minds in fashion for over two decades. Whether it is creating last minute looks for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week shows, movie shoots, Disney, Broadway, our Master Dyers are sought after to bring whatever you can dream of to life. Our Master Dyers combine creative skill with technical knowledge, in these classes they will teach you step-by-step how to create some of the most innovative Tie-Dye & Ice-Dye looks imaginable. Our pragmatic approach to teaching these classes is with artistic sensibility and deep knowledge of textile chemistry. Our Master Dyers begin each class with an in-depth overview of the project details, explaining the preparation, supplies, and techniques. The results are always unique and expressive of each student. Our step-by-step courses are the same instructions provided to the contestants on Project Runway Season 18 Episode 10 where we taught each contestant elevated tie-dye techniques in just one hour. Our Master Dyers are sought by the leading names in fashion, such as Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Proenza Schouler, DVF, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch etc..

By combining traditional dyeing, painting and hand twisting with the latest trends we will teach you how to create basic looks like the ring burst, and elevated tie-dye & Ice Dye designs found in high fashion. All you will need is a desire to learn and some basic supplies that can be found in most local department stores. Our Master Dyers will teach you in your own home how to easily transform your ideas to reality in a fun, safe, and clean process. Everything is 100% environmentally friendly.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with a desire to learn tie-dye.
  • Our classes are for beginners and advanced dyers.

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