Ultimate Guide to Product Design: Design Thinking Approach- (Free Course)


What you’ll learn

  1. Learn the basic business principles behind product design
  2. Develop the mindset, skills and tools of designers, artists and innovators
  3. An in-depth look at the psychology behind consumer behavior and how to create products that satisfy basic human needs
  4. Learn how to generate ideas to enhance your innovation ecosystem
  5. Practical design steps and processes to ensure your product can be used regularly

This course includes:

  • 2 hours of video on demand
  • 4 items
  • Access to cell phones and TV
  • Task
  • Completion Certificate


Product Design with Design Thinking 3.0 – The BEST product design course! (with over 600 reviews)




The world has finally understood the fundamental role of design. Products look better than ever, the user interface is intuitive, and companies are hiring more and more designers. But the role of the designer has changed in recent years. Iterating over and understanding your users is no longer enough, instead designers in today’s world need to be able to do both – identify problems and create solutions that multiply the value at least 10x for every organizational upgrade. If you can do both, you can do things no one else can and you will become a unique asset to your business.


There have been shifts in large organizations that have made design much more important to business. But change isn’t about aesthetics. It’s about applying design principles for a better user experience. This new approach is largely a response to the increasing complexity of modern technology and business.

Most people don’t think about how bad everyday interaction design is until they learn the principles of good design and user experience, many of which are counterintuitive. You don’t have to be born thinking these things to be a successful designer, it’s a skill that can be developed like anything else. Passion often follows knowledge and experience.

In this course I’ve described the entire design process that when incorporated into your product can create a great user experience. You will also learn to approach problems in a systematic way. Working in series is the most important phase of the design process. The ability to experiment, evaluate and learn from mistakes and build on the experience gained is the hallmark of a truly successful and creative person, whatever the field.

So what are you waiting for?

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