Top 4 Websites Teach For Foreign languages


If you also want to learn a foreign language for free, then today I will tell you 4 websites from where you can learn a foreign language for free, so let’s start and see which website is that.

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1. Memrise

Memrise is a British language platform that uses spaced repetition of flashcards to increase the rate of learning. It is based in London, UK.

Memrise offers user-generated content on a wide range of other subjects. The Memrise app has courses in 16 languages and their combinations, while the website has great many more languages available. As of 2018, the app had 35 million registered users. Memrise has been profitable since late 2016, having a turnover of $4 million monthly.

2. Babbel

Babbel is operated by Babbel GmbH in Berlin, Germany. Babbel has around 450 full-time employees and freelancers. The company is based in the Berlin neighborhood of Mitte.

The company was founded in August 2007 by Thomas Holl, Toine Diepstraten, Lorenz Heine and Markus Witte. In January 2008, the language learning platform went online with community features as a free beta version. In 2008, Kizoo Technology Ventures and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH became Babbel’s first investors. Then, in 2009, Babbel was granted roughly one million euros by the ERDF European Structural Fund. The new product version, Babbel 2.0, went online in November 2009. At that time Babbel’s founders decided against an advertising and mixed-finance model (freemium), opting for paid content.

In March 2013, Babbel acquired San Francisco startup PlaySay Inc. to expand into the United States. As part of the acquisition, PlaySay Founder and CEO Ryan Meinzer joined Babbel as a strategic advisor for its US operations.

3. Open Culture’s Language Courses

Open Culture offers a wide range of free online language courses including lessons in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and more.

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4. BBC Learning English

The service provides free resources and activities for teachers and students, primarily through its website. It also produces radio programs that air on some of the BBC World Service’s language services and partner stations. It has won numerous awards, including two Eltons from the British Council and an English Speaking Union award for innovation in English language teaching.

The department was established in 1943. Since then, it has changed names multiple times, appearing as “English by Radio” (or ExR), “English by Radio and Television” and “BBC English”, before arriving at “BBC Learning English”. BBC World Service began broadcasting English language teaching programs in 1945[citation needed] for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners, adults, and children. There was a number of series for teaching language comprehension with a help of song lyrics, such as Pop Words. It was usual for the major broadcasters in the 1950s to have a program teaching the language of the country the broadcaster served


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