Top 5 Best Free Creative Writing Online Courses


If you want to do some best online courses this year, then this post is for you the name of this online course is Creative Writing, so let’s understand what it is and where you can learn it. Creative writing is the art of expressing ideas. emotions, and stories through the written word. It encompasses a wide range of genres, including fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, and can take many forms, such as novels, short stories, plays, and screenplays. The goal of creative writing is to engage the reader and evoke emotions, whether it be through a heart-wrenching story or a humorous tale. The key to successful creative writing is to find your unique voice and style and to use language in a way that brings your story to life.

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1. Creative Writing Specialization

This specialization combines elements of the three main genres of creative writing: short stories, narrative essays, and memoirs. You’ll master the techniques good writers use to create refreshing stories full of memorable characters in compelling settings written in a fresh narrative style. You analyze and constructively evaluate peer writing. In Capstone, you will design, rewrite and complete an extensive original story in your chosen genre.

Our courses are suitable for everyone from aspiring short story writers to established novelists. Whether you have a finished novel on your desk that needs a fresh look, or you’ve had an idea for a decade, this specialization will give you the tools to achieve your goals. Through 4 courses focusing on key aspects of writing, taken in any order, you will develop stronger abilities not only to improve your writing but also to critique writing in general and find inspiration in the writings you have already read.

2. Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot

This course introduces aspiring writers to perhaps the most basic and often the most challenging element of a story: the plot. We will study what moves him, and how he manipulates our feelings, hopes, and desires. We will see the choices storytellers make to capture our imaginations, draw them into fictional worlds, and deposit them there. We learn how to untangle and structure storylines, discuss arcs, pacing, and twists, and uncover the inevitable surprise: the relationship between the beginning, middle, and end.

3. Creative Writing: The Craft of Character

The essence of a good story is the characters. In this course, aspiring writers will discover how to create and bring complex, vivid, and unforgettable characters to life. We’ll examine the choices the writer makes to animate all the characters on the page and do writing exercises to develop different writing techniques and preliminary work to create the various characters. We will learn how (and not!) to use our own life experiences and those we know. We will develop the inner (thoughts and feelings) and outer (appearance, habits, behavior) lives of our characters and see how this can lead us to richer and more interesting stories. We will bring our characters to life and let them surprise us.

4. Creative Writing: The Craft of Setting and Description

This course introduces aspiring writers to the techniques that expert fiction writers use to ground stories in specific worlds. From the most realistic settings to the most fantastical, writers learn how to describe the physical world in sharp, sensuous detail. We will also learn how to build trust through research and use creative meditation practices to deepen our own understanding of our storylines so that our readers can see whatever we imagine.

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5. Creative Writing: The Craft of Style

Your style is as unique and unmistakable as your face, and your voice, plus you can choose it, you can work on it, and improve it. In this course, we introduce aspiring writers to the art of applying stress to written language. We’ll explore the use of metaphor and simile, and show how clarity, grace, and cleverness in word choice are critical to a story’s success. The writer will emerge with the revision skills essential to all good story and prose writers.


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