Top 5 Best Free Content Writing Course For Every Student


You must have heard about content writing at some time and you want to learn content writing, that too for free, today I will tell you 5 websites from where you can learn content writing, so let’s start and see which website is this.

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1. Online Content Writing Classes 

His Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass covers what you need to know about writing content for homepages. The Practical Content Writing course is very helpful and in-depth to better understand content writing. It also shows you how to use useful tools and provides methods for brainstorming. Video courses do not have subtitles. However, a transcript will be provided.

2. Essentials of Writing Content

Udemy courses are offered as videos and you can choose the video subtitle option. A free online course you may find useful is called Content Writing Basics. It covers the traits and skills of a good content writer and how to write custom content for your audience.

3. Content Marketing Toolkit Course 

Semrush offers a free online content marketing course called The Content Marketing Toolkit. They also have tons of free content writing and SEO material to read, study, and use for anyone interested in learning and improving their skills. They even offer a free topic research tool to generate ideas.

4. SEO Training 

Udemy also provides SEO tutorials that provide information on how to write SEO. SEO training courses are a great tool to brush up on your SEO writing skills. This course provides examples of important factors such as anchor links, inbound links, and page rank.

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5. Content Creation Courses 

HubSpot’s Content Writing Strategies course provides comprehensive information to help you improve your writing skills. After you complete a lesson, the site offers a selection of recommended courses for you to take next.

Today,s Thought

“A man’s college and university degrees mean nothing to me until I see what he is able to do with them.” ~ Henry Ford
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