Top 5 Free Best Course Google Certified Data Scientist


If you are a college student and you are looking for a course, then Google company has brought some free courses, that too with certificates, you can get a job in a big company by learning these courses, so let’s start and see what course is that

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1. Learn Python Basics for Data Analysis

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the Python programming language, especially for the purpose of data analysis. We’ll look at how to structure and group information in your program with data types, use programming logic so that your program does what you want it to and how to use and to write functions so that you can save time when writing programs.

2. Data Science Foundation

Data Science is a field that uses methods and algorithms for the extraction of information from data provided whether it is structured data or unstructured data. Due to growth in data and evolution in technology, the domain of Data Science has seen a tremendous rise. This course will give you a comprehensive introduction to Data Science and Analytics Landscape. You will learn all the fundamentals of Data Science and the Data Science Life Cycle.

3. Data Science with Python

This Data Science with Python program provides learners with a complete understanding of data analytics tools & techniques. Getting started with Python can help you gain knowledge on data analysis, visualization, NumPy, SciPy, web scraping, and natural language processing. This program is an ideal Kickstarter for anyone looking to become a data scientist today.

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4. Machine Learning Crash Course

This course teaches the basics of machine learning through a series of lessons that include video lectures from researchers at Google, text written specifically for newcomers to ML, interactive visualizations of algorithms in action, and real-world case studies. While learning new concepts, you’ll immediately put them into practice with coding exercises that walk you through implementing models in TensorFlow, an open-source machine intelligence library.

5. Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning

This course was developed by the TensorFlow team and Udacity as a practical approach to deep learning for software developers. You’ll get hands-on experience building your own state-of-the-art image classifiers and other deep-learning models. You’ll also use your TensorFlow models in the real world on mobile devices, in the cloud, and in browsers. Finally, you’ll use advanced techniques and algorithms to work with large datasets. By the end of this course, you’ll have all the skills necessary to start creating your own AI applications.

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