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Hello learners if you are planning to learn SQL database then you are at the right post. As if it is a great opportunity that ORACLE is giving us a chance under ORACLE Free Certification Courses to grab its some of its certificates for free of cost.

You can learn to hear from expert and grab this high role of responsibility from them. There are several free courses which are offered here.


How to Get for free ORACLE Certification

  • Go to
  • Create your account and register yourself.
  • Then scroll down and select classes.
  • There you will find all free certification courses.
  • Select one of them and enter your name which has to be on the certificate.
  • Then complete the course to achieve the certificate.

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List of Free ORACLE Certification

These are the few free ORACLE certification which are mentioned under Classes and there you can avail them just by enrolling in those courses and those certificates are as follows:-

Databases for Developers: Foundations

Databases for Developers: Next Level

Get Started with PL/SQL Table Functions

Analytic SQL for Developers

Databases for Developers: Performance

Nine Good-to-Knows for PL/SQL Error Management

CRUD operations using cx_Oracle and Python

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