Giveaway For Tricky Man Subscribers! Premium Certified Course For 100% FREE


Hello learners, Tricky Man YouTube Channel has partnered with Elearnmarkets has brought forward a Free Stock Market a certified course for free where you can do free course and get Free Certificate after the course completion.

The best part about this is you don’t require any debit/credit card details as we know that many companies while offering a free courses, make it mandatory to give card details.


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Teens today see news related to Sensex flow on TV & social media and are in a state of turmoil! Bull or Bear, what do they mean? What if your teens got access to a course, presented as a classroom conversation, offering insights into the intricacies of the stock market! Whether your whiz kid is aspiring to be the next Warren Buffet or Raghuram Rajan, A2Z of Stock markets will initiate them to the bourses and help how to commence their investment journey. The well-organized structure of the course will not only equip you with the fundamentals but also help you to start your investment journey in the stock market.

Interested people can have a look at how to register and get access to a free course with free certificate

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  • You can practically experience the Financial Market by demystifying concepts associated with the Stock Market following a hands-on approach, encouraging self-learning
  • Learn the Experimentation approach and double down on what works for you.
  • Build independent investment and trading decisions and discuss them in the Forum which is open 24*7.


  • Basics of Stock Market
  • Investment and various avenues of Investment
  • Explanation of Portfolio Diversification
  • Types of Brokers
  • Steps to identify the Right Broker
  • Method for Stock Selection
  • Investing or Trading?
  • Company analysis and understanding of financial statements
  • Impact of external events on the Stock Market
  • Stock Market Index
  • Stock Analysis
  • Tracking Stock Market
  • Basic Guide to IPO

How to Apply for Elearnmarkets Free Course?

Note: This Offer is for a limited time period only. So apply for your course as soon as possible.

Apply code: TRICKY500K (to get this course for Free)

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