Hello friends this post is about to inform you that Google has launched its Google Cloud Facilitator Program Only for student of India in  2021.

Google Cloud Facilitator Program

Google Cloud Facilitator Program is one of the finest program which will boost your career with the help of google facilitator program. In this program, you will grab your hands on google search, Gmail and YouTube.

Along the way, you will learn & practice concepts like computing, application development, big data & machine learning using cloud & if you get stuck, you will have your “Facilitators” who are specially trained on Google Cloud to help. 😎ENROL IN THE PROGRAM HERE 

Major Highlights

  • Free Google goodies.
  • Google badges.
  • Google Cloud certification.
  • Free access to google programs

These are the just few highlights there are many more rewards which are waiting for you to avail them. If you want you can check them out.

Checkout this Video for Complete registration Process

Check out this Cisco Free Certification Course

Why To Attend?

To get adequate and brief knowledge about different applications of google cloud and how to use them to enhance your career with the help of Google  Cloud Facilitator Program. Here you will learn Application Development, Big Data And Machine Learning with the help of this program. With a clicks and you will learn many more things.

Who Should Attend?

All those who want to become an expert in  Google Cloud and want to and want to enhance your skills. All those who want to transform and accelerate your career with the help of Google Cloud Facilitator Program can join and enjoy its benefit. whether you are a fresher or experienced person both can join and avail its benefits.

How To Apply

Registration Form Link – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeIFng4dK6_9thDHvi82qle3DxcjKH7N8hjgjfGohH_D75nZQ/viewform
Program Timeline: 10th April 00:00 – 10th June 11:59 PM
(Note: The form will close on 10th April 11:59 PM)

GoogleCloudReady Facilitator Program – https://events.withgoogle.com/googlecloudready-facilitator-program/#content

How to get Free Goodies From Googlehttps://events.withgoogle.com/googlecloudready-facilitator-program/prize-rules/#content


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