IITs offering various free online courses on Data Science | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence


Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kanpur is offering two new free online courses on data science. This time they have offered it on SWAYAM NPTEL platform, which is a two-part course, as below:

  • Essentials of Data Science With R Software – 1: Probability and Statistical Inference
  • Essentials of Data Science With R Software – 2: Sampling Theory and Linear Regression Analysis

Click here for details of the first part.
Click here for details of the second part.


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IIT Madras and NPTEL also invite applications for Free Online Course on Basic Machine Learning.

The course introduces the basic concepts of machine learning from a mathematically well-motivated perspective. It will also cover the different learning paradigms and some of the more popular algorithms and architectures used in each of these paradigms.

The objective of this IIT Madras Machine Learning course is to prepare a student to take a variety of focused, advanced courses in various subfields of Programming.

Enrol in the course here.


IIT Delhi is offering a free online course on introduction to artificial intelligence on the SWAYAM NPTEL platform for the benefit of undergraduate students.

Participants who enroll for this course will get an understanding of the following topics: Introduction to hilosophy of AI, definitions, modeling a problem as search problem, uninformed search, heuristic search, domain relaxations, local search, genetic algorithms, adversarial search, constraint satisfaction, propositional logic and satisfiability, uncertainty in AI, Bayesian networks, Bayesian networks learning and inference, decision theory, Markov decision processes, reinforcement learning, and introduction to deep learning and deep RL.

The course, can be especially beneficial for undergraduate students in computer science with a fair knowledge of data structures and probability.

Certificates will be rewarded based on the participant’s performance in exam, as well as their average assignment score.

To enroll for the courses, click here.


IIT Roorkee is offering a free online course on Data Analytics with Python for management, industrial engineering and computer science engineering students.

The course, is most suited for management, industrial engineering and computer science engineering students.

Check out this Free Machine Learning & its Applications Workshop by NIT Surathkal

The course, which is 12 weeks long and will be conducted from 18 January to 9 April 2021, will cover the following 12 modules: Introduction to data analytics and Python fundamentals, Introduction to probability, Sampling and sampling distributions, Hypothesis testing, Two sample testing and introduction to ANOVA, Two way ANOVA and linear regression, Linear regression and multiple regression, Concepts of MLE and Logistic regression, ROC and Regression Analysis Model Building, X2 Test and introduction to cluster analysis, Clustering analysis, and Classification and Regression Trees (CART).

Interested can enroll for the course here.



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