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Hello everyone! If you are searching for a course related to reinforcement learning, tensorflow, printing, and entrepreneurship then we have an update for you as Infosys & Coursera Special Courses are launched related to all the above-highlighted skills so stay with us till the end of the post to know more about this courses.

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About Infosys Springboard

  1. Children from sixth grade to lifelong learners have access to an online platform through Infosys Springboard in India. A full range of courses created in collaboration with top-tier digital educators like Coursera and Harvard Business Publishing is available for free as part of Infosys’ CSR commitment to training 10 million or more people with digital skills by 2025. Based on Infosys’ four decades of collective expertise and extensive student competency development, Infosys Springboard was created. Furthermore, it adheres to India’s 2020 National Education Policy.

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About Infosys & Coursera Special Courses

Only individuals who fill out this form will receive access to these 4 available courses with Infosys & Coursera collaborated certificates, which are not open to the general public. Due to limited licensing, these are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

4 Available Courses

  1. Reinforcement Learning
  2. TensorFlow: Advanced Techniques
  3. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
  4. Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship

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Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who wants to learn new skills can be eligible for these courses


Candidates get infosys and coursera certificate for free

Applicants get excess to special courses if they are selected.

Infosys & Coursera Special

How to apply?

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