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Hello folks! This post is beneficial for those Who Want to learn the most important skill in the world of tech?
Attend this Masterclass and learn to Build a website in JUST 30 Minutes! Also, get a certificate after completion of the session.

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An exclusive session with our top instructor Shikhar Pathak, ex SDE – Vajro, Rapido and earn ‘3x your current salary’ in your dream tech job. 

The following content will be offered to candidates who attend the entire session –

1. Certificate 
2. Tips and tricks for cracking high paying tech jobs!
3. Starter kit to kickstart your tech career!
4. Recording of the session! 

Also learn how to SearchApply and Crack various tech interviews available in the market!

Worried that you are from a non-tech background? Worry no more!!

Learn from our speaker about how you can switch to a tech career from a non-tech background!

How to apply?

Click here to Register

Date: 26th September 2022 

Time: 8:00 PM onwards  

You will receive a confirmation mail as soon as you register.

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